Creative Human Solutions

Results Through Creative Human Leaps

 "When you unleash joy and understanding, Learning is sure to follow" -mm

Hi! I am Maurizio(some call me Prof. Morris). I love seeing people happy on the job and happy in life!

I   like to interact with people, to listen and to share;  unleashing the joy, the creative side and the  life that people can bring to organizations is aw




Here some stuff about me, of which I am proud:
designed and implemented people based organizational stuff(real stuff) at Olivetti, McDonnell Douglas, Canon USA, Inc., Citigroup , the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Generali Insurance in Europe.  Worked on Cross-Cultural Communications projects and also worked in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Central America.

Oh yes I was also a professor at State University of NY where I taught(&learned) and  designed a nice approach to language learning using art and music.

I enjoy contributing to the HR Leadership Council's  "Toolbox for HR" via my blog entitled HUMOROUSORCES

I love art and in my spare time I paint ,creating works that relate to current events and am active in promoting peace and justice through peaceful activism.

Finally the last thing I'd like to share is the foundation of all in my life. I have a splendidly stupendous life partner and three awesome adult children who  are truly the bedrock of my joy!

Make it a great day and see you soon!