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Someone once said, “When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live.” If that is the case, Maurizio is truly living! Maurizio's knowledge base is extraordinary and his ability to convert it into impactful and memorable educational experiences is what makes him one of great training and development professionals of our time. I have always felt that teachers, trainers, etc, teach more by who they are than by what they say. That is why Maurizio's training is so outstanding; he is a genuine, caring, and dedicated person and professional who wants to make a positive difference in peoples lives. The simple but true fact is that Maurizio makes people better than they were before one of his classes. I call him the "Dr. of Knowledge." I for one know that I am a better professional and person for having worked with him.”

 -Frank Alfieri National Manager, Canon USA, Inc.


"I had the opportunity to work with Maurizio on many projects. The professionalism and knowledge that he showed to all members involved with the project was top notch. He also was an individual that would take on a leadership role, no matter how difficult the task. Another thing that Maurizio personally impressed me with was his fluency in several languages. If putting together a team, Maurizio is a person that I would love to have on my roster.”

- Andrew Kritzer, Advertising Executive


Maurizio is a leader in training, developing, and mentoring people -- not just because it is his forte, but because he genuinely loves to help. He orchestrated and delivered many cutting-edge training sessions/ discussion topics and forces his audience to think beyond set-parameters; he awakes imagination, and stimulates progressive-thinking to incorporate into everyday life"
-Anita Tejnauth, Banking Executive


“Ho conosciuto Maurizio in Giappone, nel '90, in Canon, azienda che abbiamo amato. Io giovane direttore della vendita diretta Canon in Italia, lui giovane direttore del personale Canon a New York. Molto sinteticamente: è un grande direttore del personale, ed è un grande manager, solo chi ama le persone veramente. E Maurizo le ama, tutte. Veramente.”

-Graziano Camanzi, General Manager and CEO, OverQuaranta

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